After just ten short weeks, summer break is quickly coming to a close. It’s a bittersweet feeling that in just one and a half weeks, I’ll be moving into my very first apartment with my very first apartment-mates. Sure, the first year in the dorms taught me a lot about being on my own, but triple-person dorm rooms, communal restrooms, and eating cafeteria food for all three meals of the day aren’t exactly the things that should carry on beyond your first year in college. This fall, it’s time for me to buckle down and truly learn what it’s like to be on my own.


Looking back, it seems as though summer break has been acting as my transition into full on adulthood. From working part time to save up for rent to not spending each paycheck on a new pair of shoes (surprisingly), I’d say I’m slowly but surely on the right path. If there is one thing that has been most influential in pushing me forward, it would be my internship here at Milagro Marketing. In my opinion, the most important and beneficial experience for a college student or graduate is an internship. Experience is everything in helping us gain an edge in our various majors and fields of study; the classrooms and our professors will only teach us so much.


Everything I’ve learned and been a part of this summer has given me more confidence in my skills and my ability to succeed in the graphic design field. Along with an extensive amount of new knowledge about design, I’ve sat alongside business meetings and met with clients, giving me the excellent opportunity to experience and learn about social media strategizing, marketing, and branding, just to name a few. Milagro Marketing also gave me the opportunity to build my profile and my resume with all the graphics I’ve worked on, and in just ten weeks, I’ve grown exponentially from the girl who decided to change her major at the end of freshman year to landing a position as a campus representative for Adobe.

The amount of opportunities and experiences Milagro Marketing has given me was unexpected and more than I could ask for in just a summer internship. I’m grateful for the knowledge and the edge I will be taking back to Cal Poly and into the future of my career as a graphic designer. As I continue my next few years in college, I’ll take with me the lessons I’ve learned at Milagro Marketing: learn through experience and doing, stay ready and be on your toes, and grow as you go.