The Challenge.

Chachos is a local Mexican restaurant with a very hip Chicano vibe.  Helping Chachos express that vibe was not only a challenge but a labor of cultural love.  When you live and work in the Latino Vibe it’s not hard to come up with a huge amount of imagery and content. Chachos was in need of a web site, social media content, and an overall domination of Taco Tuesday in the Silicon Valley.

What we did.

Always  up for the challenge, we crushed it with brand consistency, social media posts and the creation of the Chachos Taco Eating Competition in San José by partnering with the Major League Eating Association to host the first official Taco Eating Contest.  The winner devouring 101 tacos in eight minutes.  All of this work lead to Milagro and Chachos being awarded a Gold Addy for Silicon Valley and a Silver for Regional Addy’s.