The Challenge.

Breastfeeding our children has somehow  become a controversial topic.  But most will agree it’s benefits override the controversy.  The Santa Clara County wanted to create  awareness  with an advertising campaign that encouraged breastfeeding as the best feeding.

What we did.

Milagro immediately jumped into action and stood our ground, we were not the agency they needed if  they wanted a soft focus image of a baby latching on to his mothers breast.  An approach that had already been done by so many others. We wanted to cut through the noise and speak to the benefit of a breastfeeding.  And the most obvious one is an overall healthier child.  Although we exaggerated the idea, this award winning campaign has been running successfully in the county for over 8 years.  The unique approach to the piece was the use of trans-creating of the creative for Spanish speaking demographic.


Bus stop billboard #2