The Challenge.

How do you get Latinos to think about getting HIV tested.  It’s a serious topic that has huge implications for Latinos and the community.  The challenge was to grab the attention of this target market in a culturally relevant and thought provoking manner. The Santa Clara County realized they needed a Milagro to make this happen.  Lucky for us we exist to do just that, create milagros.

What we did.

Milagro worked in Doble Sentido, Double Entendre to create a message that would resinate with Latinos.  Playing with a major cultural icon like the Luchador/Wrestler we were able to create a buzz of attention on the more serious topic of getting tested.  The copy as well was huge in Doble Sentido and is what truly made the creative have a lighthearted emotional appeal.  The campaign was executed along with some street level promotional support at local hangouts and bars thus the need for matchbooks, condoms  and t-shirts.