The Challenge.

When Moctezuma Export Group of Mexico was interested in launching their Tecate Light Brand in the US, Milagro was asked to consider launching a street level activation program, we were excited to hit the streets running.   The goal was two-fold, take market share of the Mexican Import brand, introduce Tecate Light.  This was a three year campaign.

What we did.

Milagro immediately put together a street team that could cover all of northern California.   We offered up the idea of a mobile wrapped vehicle that was used to promote the product outside of off premise and on premise locations.  We designed and wrapped three vehicles installed mobile audio system that would play Latino music to grab consumers attention at the entrance.  The promotional talent was inside  providing consumers with swag and promoting the product.  This resulted in managing to take a 3% market share away from competitors in the Mexican Import Brand and establish Tecate Light as a major player in the Import group category.

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