Con El Nopal en La Frente

Porque Somos
What We Do

We are cultural content creators that produce advertising campaigns that are culturally relevant and socially conscious. We Provide clients with an opportunity to reach, speak to, and embrace Hispanics through marketing and communications.

Quienes Somos
Who We Are

Milagro Marketing is a full-service advertising agency that has taken the business of Hispanic marketing to a new level. We build brands that capture the core of the Hispanic market by combining today’s technology and marketing savvy with the cultural weight of the Hispanic past.

Somos Porque Somos
Why We Do It

Being a part of the Hispanic culture requires creativity and a bit of genius. El Que No es Genio, no es Mexicano. This creative thought process defines Milagro Marketing: We are an advertising agency that takes the process of reaching the Hispanic Market to another level de un Genio. Our creativity, the use of language through doble sentido, respect for our cultural past and a strong vision of our cultural future defines the Milagro approach

Meet the Milagrosos.

  • David Ocampo
    David Ocampo

    Creative Director

    David has been developing creative brand building campaigns for over twelve years and has worked in a variety of community relations and marketing positions for over nineteen years.  (more…)
  • Sergio Estrada
    Sergio Estrada

    Art Director

    Sergio is a graduate of Graphic Design from Brooks College in Sunnyvale California and has been involved in developing collateral material and creative development  (more…)
  • Carol Ruvalcaba
    Carol Ruvalcaba

    Director of Social Media

    Carole holds a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California. (more…)
  • Will Orozco
    Will Orozco

    Digital Media & Animator

    Will is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, sculptor, illustrator, and 2d animator and has collaborations in various movies. Will is an international creative that has lent his services to the Milagro mix.
  • Cosette Velazquez
    Cosette Velazquez

    Special Events Coordinator

    Cosette Velazquez is a graduating Advertising and Event Management student at San Jose State University. Here at Milagro, she has run social media accounts for a variety of clients and (more…)
  • Kendra Rodenburg
    Kendra Rodenburg

    Social Media Manager

    Kendra Rodenburg is a recent graduate from San Jose State University with her Bachelor’s in advertising. She is responsible for creating content across all multi media channels (more…)

Advertising and Cultural Content Creators.


Our award-winning creative has been successful because we take the time to research what the Hispanic market is thinking. Milagro approaches its research meticulously in focus groups, door-to-door surveys or in-store intercepts. Our creative development, Como un Genio, allows us to help you get past the outer prickly shell of the nopal and straight to the pear.


Milagro works closely with our partners and media to help create a mix that is more than a Milagro. No media purchase is made unless added value is a major part of the mix and all media planning resources are effectively allocated.Our team is experienced in purchasing advertising space in newspapers, billboards, television and radio, and search engines. We strive to make sure your advertising budget is used effectively to drive your sales up.


Population growth and a healthy buying power makes the Hispanic consumer a key prospect for Event Marketing. Get your product or service into the hands of the Hispanic household by using Milagro’s vast experience in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s a crowd of 50 or of 50,000, Milagro Marketing has the experience and the resources to help you plan, promote, and execute your special event.


Maintaining positive media and community relationships is a key strength Milagro Marketing has achieved over the years. By providing access to a great number of public relations management services we have an opportunity to build brands that are not only interested in increasing market share, but also increasing community and social responsibility.


Reaching the Hispanic employment market requires understanding how your corporate culture may benefit from Latino talent.Hiring a successful candidate while developing and promoting your employer brand involves a customized approach. We specialize in developing full recruitment and branding strategies that position you as an employer of choice in the Hispanic market.


It’s not enough that we get Hispanic clients in the door; their customer experience must also encourage repeat business and referrals to their family, friends, and professional networks. Milagro provides its partners with service training to prepare staff to understand the many innuendos of the Hispanic client.



Ignoring a market doesn’t mean it will go away. On the contrary, the Hispanic market growth over the next 15 years will change the way everyone does business.A new generation of Hispanics with greater market savvy is emerging as a financial and cultural powerhouse. Reaching this market takes not only great market research, but also street smarts and intrinsic approaches that will redefine advertising as we know it. Milagro specializes in building the relationships that make grassroots marketing successful.


Milagro can meet your need to promote your goods and services through proper advertising support, whether it is point-of-purchase display signage, or promotional items. We are able to develop targeted marketing strategies and handle all aspects of an advertising campaign in order for you to make the most of your budget.

Web Development.

A professional presence on the Internet is no longer an optional means of communicating your message. In today’s high tech world a well-designed and easy to navigate website creates visibility that results in increased revenues for your company. Milagro always designs with your goals in mind, creating sites that are appealing, compelling, and intuitive. However, in today’s web saturated world, the old axiom “If you build it, they will come” no longer holds true. Fortunately, Milagro Marketing is experienced in building relevant traffic to your website using the strategies of Search Engine Optimization, Linkbuilding, Social Media and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Not only will your website be found, but it will be found by a relevant audience of interested customers.

Selected works.

  • 2016 Addys
    2016 Addysbranding / campaign
    SJCC METASbranding / campaign / print
  • Chachos Taco Festival
    Chachos Taco Festivalbranding / campaign / print
  • LGBT Mariachi
    LGBT Mariachibranding / print
  • Chicano Commencement Yearbook Design
    Chicano Commencement Yearbook Designprint
  • Evergreen Valley College
    Evergreen Valley Collegebranding / campaign
  • University of the Pacific
    University of the Pacificdesign
  • Addy Award Winning Creative-Chachos
    Addy Award Winning Creative-Chachoscampaign / design / interface / print / product
  • Dia San Jose
    Dia San Josebranding / print
  • SCC HIV Campaign
    SCC HIV Campaignbranding / design / drawing / print
  • National Compadres Network Brand
    National Compadres Network Brandprint
  • National Hispanic University
    National Hispanic Universitycampaign / design / print
  • Hecho de Pecho Award Winning Campaign
    Hecho de Pecho Award Winning Campaigncampaign / design / print

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Words will make you free.

Words will make you free. Words will make you safe. Because the connection that they offer you is the most magical reciprocal relationship. They just...

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